Thursday, April 3, 2008

West Wing Comes to Life!

I think we’re about to see television come to life.
The final season of “The West Wing” is about to be played out in front of our eyes.  Here’s the cast:
John McCain as Arnold Vinick
Hillary Clinton as Bob Russell
Barack Obama as Matthew Santos
Look for lots of chaos in Denver, including nominations from the floor and uncertainty about the bottom of the ticket until the last possible moment.  After the relatively young and upstart Obama sews up the nomination over the mediocre yet self-righteous Democratic middle-manager he will go on to narrowly clip the stalwart GOP nominee by the slimmest of margins to earn a trip up Pennsylvania Avenue.
In the next episode President-Elect Obama will populate his cabinet with a well-rounded selection of advisors with the integrity and experience that will help him become one of the most successful Presidents of the past 100 years.
All we have to do is wait.